13 May 2012

Ideas for kids - Characters - WHO - Villains

Jack Trelawny's Story House - Ideas for kids - WHO is in the story - Villains
Wendron, Warleggan, Drym, Scratchit the cat, Craw the crow, and the Skycycle
Some CHARACTERS in a story are bad, perhaps even so bad they are evil. These characters are called VILLAINS. If there are villains, there's going to be trouble and problems in the story. Trouble and problems usually mean the person reading the story wants to turn the pages over to see WHAT happens.
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To get the names of the three villains in the first picture in this article, I looked at the map of Cornwall. 'Wendron' sounded like a witch, 'Warleggan' sounded as if he could be from the military, and 'Drym; sounded like a man who would be dirty, mean with money, nasty to dogs, and kidnap children to sell them as slaves to the pirates.

IDEA: For your next story, find a map of WHERE it is going to be set. Look at the map and write down just the names of the towns that sound as if they could be villains. Now take each name and use your imagination to write down what a character with that name would be like. Ask yourself questions to help with the ideas.


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