5 May 2012

Ideas for kids - Setting - Where - The Polperro Inn

Jack Trelawny's Story House - Kernowland - Setting - WHERE do things happen - The Polperro Inn
Think about the places WHERE events in your story could take place. I visited a number of towns on the coast around Cornwall. The little port of Polperro, with it's small harbour, old buildings, and narrow streets, stood out as a place WHERE pirates could have been seen a few hundred years ago. So I chose Polperro as the place WHERE Tizzie would be sold to the pirates. There are quite a few inns in the town but none are actually called 'The Polperro Inn'; that's a name I made up. 
At the beginning of the Kernowland story, Tizzie and Louis emerge, still alive, from the Crystal Pool.

But, when they look out of the cave, they're all on their own... everybody has gone.

Giant crabs rise out of the sand and chase them up the beach.

Then they’re kidnapped by the nasty Mr Drym.

He puts them in his cart and takes them to the Polperro Inn.

Here, Mr and Mrs Maggitt auction them as slaves.

Tizzie is sold to the pirates and taken away.

Louis is left scared and alone...

I find it helps to draw the places - just a quick sketch sometimes - to help me with ideas for the story. If I draw a number of pictures, I can move them around until they're in the correct order and  then write about each picture.

IDEA: Draw a box on the top half of your pages so that you can sketch a picture on every single page, and then write the story underneath.
If you use loose pages rather than an exercise book, you will be able to move the pictures and pages around so that everything is in the right order.
You could also try cutting your pages in half. Then you can easily move the pictures into the right order. You may like to try writing different versions of the story underneath each picture.
Once the pictures have helped give you ideas for the story - and helped to get the events of the story in the right order - you can always remove them afterwards.


See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!