16 Sep 2006

Kernowland 2 Darkness Day by Jack Trelawny published 16 Sep 2006

ISBN 9780954633851   Hardcover   160 pages
Kernowland 2 Darkness Day published today
The second book in the Kernowland in Erthwurld Series, Darkness Day, was published today, 16 September 2006.

The adventure continues...
Tizzie, Louis, and Misty the little blue mouse, were left in dire straits at the end of Book 1. In Book 2, we find out which of them survives.
   We meet more of the gruesome characters in Kernowland, like Wendron the wrinkled witch and Warleggan the warty warlock, as well as old favourites like the fearsome Cap’n Pigleg, the scowling Sheviok Scurvy, and the nasty Melanchol Drym, who appears on the front cover.
   And then we discover what happens to poor old Dribble the dust dog when Drym catches up with him, as he surely must...

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