12 May 2010

Story by Rachel Kaur

Letter from Headteacher and story from Rachel Kaur - Year 6 - Shifnal Primary School - Shropshire
Thank you for your letter, Dr Turnock. Always great to have feedback and to hear that a visit has helped inspire the children to read and write.
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Please also pass on my thanks also to Rachel for sending me her story. As you say in your letter, it may give me, or perhaps other writers, some ideas. We must not copy it of course, as it's Rachel's story, but I read other people's stories all the time to give me ideas for my own stories. I mix up all the ideas I read about and then put them together to make something new, which is all mine for my story. I think Rachel may have used some ideas from other stories she has read as well.
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What a great story, Rachel. I like it for lots of reasons. For a start, you have used all the 'W' words we talked about in the school assembly: WHO is in the story, WHERE is the story happening, WHEN is it happening, and WHAT actually happens in the right order. It has a main hero character, Rohith, whom I care about. There are villains causing problems and trouble for the hero. There is some exciting action with challenges and problems to be solved. There are cliff-hangers at the end of pages or chapters to make me want to turn the page and read more. There are some pictures to quickly show me what might be in the story. And the hero I care about is happy at the end, which makes me feel good inside and means I would want to read the story again and tell my friends about it. Splendid.


See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!