18 May 2012

Ideas for Kids - Storytelling at Rose Hill Primary

Jack Trelawny's Story House - Ideas for Kids - Storytelling at Rose Hill Primary School - using real FACTS from history
Lots of authors find out as many FACTS as they can to help them write stories. Authors are always finding things out. I would say about half my job is finding things out and I look at the second floor of the Story House to remind me to keep learning new FACTS. I found out that the pupils of one school I'm visiting soon like finding out FACTS for their stories too. The following text, in green, is from the Rose Hill Primary School website.
Iffley village
Storytelling at Rose Hill
We are a ‘storytelling school’ – a school where all children and adults enjoy both telling familiar stories  and learning new ones. This year we have linked the stories we learn to the projects we are doing. So, for example, when Y3/4 are learning through a project called ‘A Street Through Time’ about local history, they learn to tell a story called ‘The Pedlar of Iffley Village’. We’re very proud of how confidently our children tell stories to each other and to wider audiences. They clearly love it!

Source: Rose Hill Primary School website

IDEA: Find out lots of FACTS about the history of your area and then write a story about something that really happened in the past but imagine you were there and in the story.


See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!