13 May 2012

Ideas for kids - Characters - WHO - Gwithian Sand

Jack Trelawny's Story House - Kernowland - Characters - WHO is in the story - Gwithian Sand
Gwithian Sand drawn and given to Jack Trelawny by 'Jane' 
The CHARACTERS are the people, creatures, and others WHO are in your story (top floor of the Story House). At the beginning of the Kernowland in Erthwurld story, I needed a way to get Tizzie and Louis to go from Cornwall (in our world, Earth World) to Kernowland (in another world, Erthwurld) through the Crystal Pool. I thought it would be good if they could meet a character from Kernowland whilst they were in Echo Cave in Cornwall. Then they could follow the character to the other place, Kernowland in Erthwurld, through the Crystal Pool. A place in the story that is like our world but different is sometimes called an 'alternative' or 'parallel' world.
I wanted a friendly character who was also quite old so I looked at the map of Cornwall for a town name that looked like it could belong to that type of character.
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I saw the town Gwithian. That seemed a good one from all the other things I knew about the character. Then I found out more about the place Gwithian by looking at pictures, asking questions, and using my imagination. I learned this place has fantastic long beaches called 'Gwithian Sands'. That gave me the idea for the first and second names of the character: Gwithian Sand.
Gwithian Sands in Cornwall
IDEA: For your next story, find a map of WHERE it is going to be set. Look at the map and write down some of the towns to give you some ideas for names of WHO is going to be in the story, the CHARACTERS. Think about which names could belong to heroes and which could belong to villains. Which names might be good first names and which might be good second names? Do any of the names give you clues about what type of characters they could belong to? For example, what jobs might the characters with those names do?


See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!