24 May 2012

Winkleigh Primary School EX19 8JQ

Visit to Winkleigh Primary School - Using objects to inspire ideas for stories
I visited Winkleigh Primary School in Devon today and gave a slideshow presentation and talk followed by a 'Meet the Author' booksigning event.

The children asked loads of good questions and we talked about looking at lots of pictures and asking questions and using our imagination to turn the pictures into stories.

We also talked about using OBJECTS in the same way and I explained that real objects have provided the ideas for my new series of stories, Thirteen Things, which is inspired by 13 of the 100 objects in the BBC's 'A History of the World in 100 Objects'. The 13 Objects for children can also be seen on a special tour if you visit the British Museum in London.
Durer's Rhinoceros - from the year 1515
The first story in the new Thirteen Things series will be called, The Emperor's Rhinoceros. I'll be offering free visits to schools to show the children how I took the real object, Durer's Rhinoceros, and turned it into a story. Then teachers will be able to go straight from the talk back to class to look at the BBC website Lesson Plan (one lesson plan for each of the 13 Objects).

Website: Winkleigh Primary School


See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!


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