5 May 2012

Ideas for kids - Plot - What happens

Jack Trelawny's Story House - Kernowland - Plot - WHAT happens - Big trouble or problem at the beginning - Tizzie and Louis sink into the Crystal Pool
At the beginning of a story, there is often a really big problem or some really big trouble. 
At the beginning of the first book in the Kernowland story, Tizzie, nearly eleven, and Louis, seven-and-three-quarters, are exploring on the beach.

They enter Echo Cave and stand on a big blue rock.

It turns into a bubbling Crystal Pool.

They sink into the pool and are drowning...

If you put a big problem in at the start, do you think people will want to read on to find out how the problem is going to be solved?

IDEA: Try putting a really big problem or some really big trouble on the very first page of your next story and give the page to some of your classmates, or friends, or members of your family.
Now ask them if they want to know what happens next.
If they do want to know what happens next, you can be fairly sure you have created a beginning that will make readers want to turn the first page to see how the problem is solved.
If they don't want to know what happens, you may need to try another beginning with a bigger problem or more trouble!


See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!