9 Jul 2012

Storynory - Ideas for schools and families - free audio stories

Ideas for schools and families - Storynory - free audio stories

Storynory expands children's vocabulary.
Storynory expands children's imagination.
Storynory expands children's cultural outlook on the world.

There's a great website that schools and families can use for listening to and downloading free audio stories. I've been listening to remind myself all about Classic stories, Fairytales, and other types of story, as part of the research for my new Thirteen Things series.  The following information is from the Storynory website. Click on link at the bottom of this article to go to the site.

About Storynory
Storynory has published a free audio story every week since November 2005. All their stories are delightfully read by professional actors.
Listen to Audiobooks Online
The Storynory team draws on fairy tales by authors like the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. They seek out unusual stories from around the world. They have the entire audiobook of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Storynory also brings you original children's stories including Prince Bertie the Frog, The Ordinary Witch, and Theo the Monkey.
Their mascot, Prince Bertie the Frog, used to be a trendy young Royal, and was engaged to the Lovely Princess Beatrice. He dreams of the day when Beatrice will kiss him and turn him back into a prince.
Storynory stories are divided into the following sections: Original, Fairytales, Classic, Educational, and Junior (for younger children).
Learn English Through Stories
All their stories and audiobooks come with a full English text. Double click any word in the text for translation into a host of languages (more details on the Storynory website).
Develop the Imagination Through the Ears
Listening to children's audiobooks helps develop attention and imagination. It stimulates a love of words. It's educational. But, above all, it's a superb form of entertainment. The audiobook of my children's novel, Kernowland 1 The Crystal Pool, read by Tom Solomon, will soon be available. You can listen to the first 12 chapters free by clicking here.  
Blind, deaf, and autistic audience
One way the blind can reach literature is through audio. Many deaf people practice their listening skills by listening and reading along with the text. Storynory stories are also used in therapy for the autistic.

Load Up Your MP3 Player
Storynory is available on iTunes in the Kids and Family Podcast section. If you subscribe free to their iTunes feed, you can easily download and transfer their latest stories onto your iPod.
Peace Reigns
Storynory say that their stories have 'brought harmony in place of strife on the back seats of cars all over the world'. Next time you travel with your family, perhaps you might like to take Storynory with you!


See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!


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