20 Jul 2012

myWritersCircle - Ideas for aspiring writers

Becoming a writer - myWritersCircle and myWritingBlog
The Author - Journal of The Society of  Authors
I'm often asked by teachers and parents when I visit schools, and others I meet in my travels, if there are any good sources of advice and ideas for aspiring writers.

I was reading The Author journal (Summer 2012) today and came across an article written by Nick Daws, who manages an online forum for writers, both established and aspiring.
The forum is called myWritersCircle.com and it has over 38,000 members worldwide.
Nick Daws also has a blog: myWritingBlog.com

There's lots of advice and ideas available on these two sites.

Good luck.

See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!


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