26 Apr 2012

Seven Stories - a charity promoting children's literature - support needed

Seven Stories is a charity promoting children's literature. If you can, once you've read the article, you may like to support them...
Former Children's Laureate, Jacqueline Wilson
Seven Stories is Britain's gallery and archive that celebrates the wonderful world of children’s books. It is the national home of children's books.
The centre takes its name from the idea that there are only seven basic plots in stories (What happens - see fourth floor of the Story House), and the fact that its home is a renovated Victorian mill with seven levels.

Established authors, such as Michael Rosen and Jacqueline Wilson, support this charity.
Former Children's Laureate, Michael Rosen, engaging a young reader
The following is taken from the Seven Stories website...

Seven Stories celebrates the art of children's books, their place in our childhood and in our culture.

The centre opened on the 19th August 2005, to showcase a national collection of manuscripts and illustrations of some of the UK's finest authors and illustrators for children.

They select original artwork and manuscripts - from first scribbles to finished work -  to make their exhibitions, events, and learning programmes.

Exhibitions currently on show are - A Squash and a Squeeze: Sharing Stories with Julia Donaldson and Daydreams and Diaries: the Story of Jacqueline Wilson.

Seven Stories is a registered charity, supported by Arts Council England and Newcastle City Council, and relies upon grants and voluntary donations. If you would like to support their work, find out how.

The main Seven Stories website is here

For a more detailed description and explanation about Seven Stories (The Centre for Children's Books), visit the following link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Stories


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