14 Apr 2012

Radiowaves - A sound idea for schools

Radiowaves: Safe school podcasting, video, and blogs for young people to report on their world
A little while ago, I was interviewed by children from Weldon Primary School for their WeldonWaves radio station, which is part of the Radiowaves network. See Blog article.
I was impressed by how interested and engaged the children reporters were in this activity and investigated the idea further. Some of what I learned is summarised below. For more, including the Basic Free Membership Option, see the main Radiowaves website.
Radiowaves is the award winning safe social learning environment that makes it easy for schools to deliver fun learning activities through blogs, video, and podcasting.
As a Radiowaves member you have access to a growing library of expertly written, high quality teaching resources, curriculum activity guides and national competitions.
PLUS you can join exclusive school projects and competitions from organisations such as FILMCLUB, British Council, the Football Foundation and many more.

Start something amazing – Safe school blogging

Free to every school. Get started quickly with their teacher resources, projects and competitions.
How Radiowaves makes it Safe and Easy

Radiowaves is fundamentally different from other sites because it is a safe social network designed especially for education and school broadcasting.

Total Control
You can moderate all your pupils' work and control who can see it online.

Be part of a Global community
Join 1000s of schools worldwide, make new connections and let your pupils safely colaborate with others.

No software, downloads or installs required
You only need the web to use Radiowaves- access it anytime from anywhere.

Student Voice
Increase pupil participation, let them be heard and take responsibility for content.

Differentiated Learning
Let learners develop in their own style with media rich activities.

Training & Kit
They supply everything you need from teacher training days to Flip video cameras.

iPod & Android App
Upload and moderate your Radiowaves station from anywhere.

Parent Portal
Showcase your school's work, advertise events and let parents comment on pupils' work safely.

Super Support
Their expert team understand the busy world of today's teachers and can help you make the most of Radiowaves.

National Projects and Competitions
Join national campaigns, win great prizes, and get exclusive opportunities as a Radiowaves member.

A Complete Solution
Let pupils easily upload video, podcasts, pictures, text and blogs.

Curriculum Resources
Their teacher created activity guides and resources make it easy to get started in any subject.

Access anywhere: School, Extended Service, at Home
Engage pupils anywhere, stay in touch and join the classroom learning at home.

Project Based Learning
Develop pupils' 21st Century skills with fun collaborative projects and interactive resources.

Want to connect and communicate with multiple school sites?
See their Networks page

Want to see the options (including Basic Free membership)
See their Joining Options page


See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!