20 Apr 2012

Ideas for schools - Objects from Shakespeare's world

Jack Trelawny's Story House - Ideas for schools - Things from the time of William Shakespeare
'Things' or 'objects' from museums (see the first floor of the Story House) can provide lots of ideas for stories. The exhibition of 13 objects for children at the British Museum - from the BBC4 radio series, A History of the World in 100 Objects - is the inspiration for my forthcoming series of books, Thirteen Things.
There is a series of podcasts on BBC Radio 4 at the moment that brings Shakespeare's time to life using objects.
It's called Shakespeare's Restless World and is presented by British Museum Director, Neil MacGregor.
The 20-part series of podcasts looks at the world through the eyes of Shakespeare's audience by exploring objects from that turbulent period in history.
Each of the podcast episodes is quite short, generally less than 15 minutes. The series is essentially aimed at adults but there's potential for story ideas in school (see other links below).
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A History of the World in 100 Objects / 'Thirteen Things' links
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