18 Oct 2011

Thorpe Hall Lower School - Angus Connell

Thorpe Hall Lower School - Letter and artwork - Angus Connell
Art by Angus Connell - click to enlarge
On 11 October 2011, I visited Thorpe Hall Lower School in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, and gave a slideshow presentation and talk followed by a 'Meet the Author' booksigning event. 

Afterwards, the children kindly sent me some letters and artwork based on my books and the presentation. This helps other schools to know what happens so they can decide if they would like a FREE Jack Trelawny author visit to their school. Below is a letter from Angus Connell.
Letter from Angus Connell - click to enlarge
I agree with Angus that the Eden Project is very interesting. I said in the talk that I learn all I can about the real world and then I can take things from the real world and change them around to put them in to my stories. When I went to the real Eden Project to find things out, I saw it was in a great big valley, so I made a pretend 'Eden Valley' in my story.
The Eden Project in Cornwall
I also saw that there were carnivorous (meat eating) plants at the real Eden Project. So, in my story I invented a giant meat eating tree-creature called, Monstro. He has twelve staring eyes that can see in all directions and twelve branch arms that he uses to catch children before he eats them.
Kernowland 1 The Crystal Pool - Monstro is about to eat Louis
School website: Thorpe Hall Lower School


See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!