10 Oct 2011

Biggleswade Today - Report of visit to Burgoyne Middle School

Pupils and Jack visit Kernowland
Jack Trelawny with pupils from Burgoyne Middle School
The following article appeared on the Biggleswade Today website today...
YOUNGSTERS dived into a crystal pool of words with an author visit.
Jack Trelawny, who writes children’s adventure fantasy novels, worked with the pupils at Burgoyne Middle School in Potton on Wednesday, October 5.
His books follow Tizzie and Louis as they step into a cave in Cornwall and find themselves in Kernowland, a tiny kingdom in Erthwurld.
He has written six in the series, starting with The Crystal Pool and ending with Colosseum of Dread.
Jack, who visited the school for free, spoke to the children in Years 5 and 6 about his writing.
Sarah Wells, the cover supervisor who organised the visit, said: “It was a wonderfully inspirational talk. He spoke about how he uses his imagination to create stories.”
To discover his books visit www.jacktrelawny.co.uk
To read the full story see the Biggleswade Chronicle of Friday, October 14.

Source: Biggleswade Today

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