5 Oct 2011

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Jack Trelawny visits Burgoyne Middle School
The children in Years 5 and 6 at Burgoyne Middle school enjoyed an inspirational talk from the author Jack Trelawny today.
   The author of the Kernowland and Erthwurld series spoke about how he uses his imagination to create stories.
   He showed with a series of pictures how he used certain questions – who, what, where, when and why – to develop ideas for story writing.
   The children had many a giggle at the wonderful animals Mr Trelawny had created from the zebroceros to the cross between the giraffe, seal, deer and elephant that even Mr Trelawny had been unable to name!!!
Children were heard afterwards: 
“I loved the way he made up animals- the cross breeds- they were so funny”
Other children thought “the cute animals were the best” while other children were surprised: “It was amazing how he read the first chapter of his book without even looking at it!”
After a book-signing session the children returned enthused to their lessons and Mr Trelawny enjoyed a well earned coffee before travelling to his next school in Essex.

We would like to thank Mr Trelawny for the wonderful experience he gave the children and staff who also found the talk interesting! We would certainly recommend this to any school especially as  Mr Trelawny offers these visits for free at present – visit his website www.jacktrelawny.co.uk or ring Jane Bennett at Campion books, tel 01992 714369.

To Campion Books,

Please pass on again our gratitude to Jack. The staff and children are all enthused having seen him in action. What an inspirational speaker!!!! the children loved him and the staff were enthralled as well. We are handing out the extra order forms this afternoon as many children expressed the wish that they had ordered...
Sarah Wells, Burgoyne Middle School

Source: Burgoyne Middle School website

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