4 Jun 2013

Create a Mutant Competition Winners

After-visit activities at Westfield Junior School
'Create a Mutant' Competion - Winning Entries
Buneagle by LO in 6AE
At the end of last year, I visited Westfield Junior School, in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. It was great fun presenting the 'Edutainment' slideshow and talking to the children about my books and answering questions about reading and writing.

After the visit, the school ran a 'Create a Mutant' Competition, in which the children had to mix up some animals to create their own mutants based on the 'mutationeering' theme from the Kernowland in Erthwurld stories. The school has put the pictures drawn by the competition winners on their website. I think the children all show great imagination in thinking up the ideas and the names, and the pictures are very well drawn.

'Author Jack Trelawny visited us on 18th October 2012. Inspired by some of his ideas, we had a competition to create a mutant animal to rival some of Jack's ideas! Here are some of our creations...'
Hippakeflyodile by JG in 3DS
Bigononatle by LM in 3MW
Toucaroo by AM in 4HM

Crocomite by KT in 4HM
Rhinoreineetah by LD in 5CD
Mongle Wolf by JD in 5FS
Swark by JB in 6RA
Buneagle by LO in 6AE
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I hope you enjoy trying to answer the quiz questions.



See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!

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