24 Mar 2013

Using pictures to start stories - The Pointed Crystal

Using pictures to start stories - The Pointed Crystal
Picture by Balraaj, age 6
Balraaj, from Canada, is only six but, if you click to enlarge the picture and look closely, he has created a wonderful 3-D effect to make the image look as if it's a real physical object. The original is here.

Any picture can help get a story started. I begin by asking questions about the picture, and, as soon as I start writing down the answers, the story has begun. Can you think of 5 questions to ask about this picture and use the answers to continue the story below?

The Pointed Crystal
There was once a little boy called Balraaj, who was very good at drawing. One day, he drew a picture of a pointed crystal. As soon as he had finished colouring it in, the crystal began to glow. Then it started to rise up from the page...

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