16 Jan 2013

Elm Green Prep Mutant Creatures 05

Visit to Elm Green Prep - Essex - CM3 4SU - Mutant Creatures!
Letter and Artwork from Nicole in Class 3H
One of the 'themes' of the Kernowland in Erthwurld stories is mutant creatures. Lots of children like to draw their own mutant creatures and send them to me for putting on the Blog. Nicole's creatures are sand-coloured so perhaps they live on the beach? Have they got four eyes? They seem to be feeling happy as they're smiling. I like their curly antennas, which some people call 'feelers'. So they feel happy and they can feel things with their feelers. That's confusing unless you know that 'to feel' has two meanings! Nicole has also drawn some other pictures of mutants and written me a lovely letter. Thanks Nicole.

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