13 Dec 2012

St Mary's Academy Artwork 04

Visit to St Mary's Academy - Suffolk - IP28 7LR - Mutant 'Carnivorous' Plants!
The Bone Cruncher by Amelia
One of the 'themes' of the Kernowland in Erthwurld stories is mutant 'carnivorous' plants. In Kernowland 1 The Crystal Pool, Louis is in great danger when he gets too close to Monstro, the Brazilian Brainboiler...
Lots of children like to draw their own mutant plants and send them to me for putting on the Blog. Amelia's plant sounds very scary. Perhaps it's because she has used the words 'bone' and 'cruncher' together to make the plant sound extra scary? Do you think the zigzag shape of the mouth helps to make it look scary too? Are those three eyes on top of the plant's head?

School website: St Mary's CE Academy

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