30 Sep 2012

Erthwurld film pilot update

ERTHWURLD The Crystal Pool - film pilot update - the sculpt models have now been created by Zeke Ares
Mr Sand sculpt
Film director, Zeke Ares, has sent an update regarding ERTHWURLD The Crystal Pool, the new stop motion animation film pilot project based on the first Kernowland in Erthwurld story, which I mentioned in a recent blog. Zeke shared part of the process of creating this sort of film with me and I've included some of this below...

To create the characters, drawings are first prepared, like the one below for Mr Sand (click images to enlarge).
Then a model called a 'sculpt' is made from the drawing.
The following images show more drawings and sculpts of Mr Sand, as well as Tizzie and Louis, the two children in the Kernowland in Erthwurld story on which the film is based.
Mr Sand with lots of maps
Character design for Louis...

Louis sculpt in action pose in Echo Cave where they find the Crystal Pool
Character design for Tizzie...
Tizzie sculpt in action pose
Tizzie, Louis, Mr Sand
After the drawings and sculpts have been created, latex puppets are made from the designs. Zeke informs me that the finished puppets will have adjustable hair and eyes!
Zeke Ares at work on a film
I'll post more about the ERTHWURLD film project on the Blog as soon as there is some news to report.

For more on funding for films, see: British Film Institute


See you next time in the Story House.

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