14 Jun 2012

Ideas for kids - Child golfers compete in US Open

Jack Trelawny's Story House - Ideas for kids - Child golfers compete in US Open Championship
Andy Zhang of China - age 14
Andy Zhang today became the youngest player to qualify to play in the US Open Golf Championship. He is just 14 years old.
Lexi Thompson - age 12 
Andy isn't the first child to play in a major golf tournament. Lexi Thompson qualified for the US Women's Open Golf Championship when she was just 12 years old!

IDEA 1: True stories like this can give you good practice at writing NEWS or REPORTING type stories. Find out all you can about Andy Zhang or Lexi Thompson and then write about how they came to be so good at their sport.

IDEA 2: True stories like this can give you ideas for your own stories. Imagine you were so good at your favourite sport that you could play against the adults. Write a story about how you started and practised and became the best you could be. Ask questions to help with the ideas. What are the obstacles and challenges? What does it feel like to compete and win... or lose? Do you have a rival who is your own age?


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