16 Mar 2012

Holmemead Middle School - Pupil reviews

'Jack’s talk was a very imaginative presentation to help children create unusual characters and to write interesting stories.'
Holmemead Middle School
I visited Holmemead Middle School in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire on 9 March 2012 and gave a slideshow presentation and talk followed by a 'Meet the Author' booksigning event.

Afterwards, the school children and a teacher kindly reviewed the visit in their newsletter. This helps other schools to know what happens so they can decide if they would like a FREE Jack Trelawny author visit to their school...


Jack Trelawny visited our school on Friday 9th March. He came to get more children
into reading and writing better stories of their own. Jack Trelawny has been to over 700
schools. He started by introducing himself to the year 4’s (from Southlands), 5’s and 6’s. Jack then showed us some pictures of animals and plants. These were some of the pictures
that inspired him to write stories. Before he wrote stories, Jack went to the Eden Project
(Cornwall). This inspired him to create different animals and creatures, for example, the
cat-shark (half cat and half great white shark), and the elephant-seal (which was a seal
with the head of an elephant). I thought that Jack’s talk was a very imaginative presentation to help children create unusual characters and to write interesting stories. It helped me to make up strange and interesting characters for a story.
Written by: Matthew Pittkin (6CMA)

On Friday the 9th March a writer called Jack Trelawny came into school to tell Key Stage 2 about the stories he has written. These are based on two children called Tizzie and Louis who are brother and sister. Tizzie is nearly 11 and Louis is 7 and 3/4. The stories are set in Cornwall on the beach whilst they are on holiday, Louis finds a cave and that is where the story begins. Jack Trelawny’s books are very mythical and he told us how he comes up with the mythical creatures. He researches things that people don’t know a lot about and mixes them together, and then he creates his mythical characters. Some of his books I recommend are... Darkness Day, Pigleg's Revenge and Slavechildren.
Written by: Olivia Whitby (5LH)

Our World Book Day author visit went extremely well, many purchased Jack Trelawney’s books on the day, which were personally signed. Following his visit pupils are now well into reading the ‘Kernowland’ series, they are enjoying them thoroughly. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who purchased a book from Jack. His visit was a 
voluntary one, so the book sales were the icing on the cake. If anyone would still like to purchase any of Jack’s books you can get an order form from the Library.
Mrs Sharp

Website: Holmemead Middle School


See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!