21 Jan 2009

Westfield Primary School GU22 9PR

Jack Trelawny visits Westfield Primary School
This week we had a visit from children's author Jack Trelawny.   

He has written a series of adventures books all set in and named after an imaginary place called 'Kernowland'.
The Kernowland Series and Show is intended to be 'edutainment'; a mix of education with entertainment.
The children listened intently as Jack read excerpts from the book, and talked about how he got his ideas for characters, places, names and plots.
They especially liked hearing about the 'Mixed-Up Mutants', which are two different animals joined together!
In fact, they were so inspired, that they created their own mutants, using a painting package called Colour Magic.
Mrs Catchpole took their brilliant ideas and used Photoshop to create lifelike pictures!
The children had the opportunity to buy a book and have it signed by Jack!

Source: Westfield Primary School website


See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!