1 May 2008

Theydon Bois Primary School News

'The presentation was a huge success'
Local Children’s Author Jack Trelawny visited Theydon Bois Primary School on May 1st to give a talk to Years 3-6 about his ‘Kernowland’ series of books.
   Jack read some of the chapters from his one of his books, ‘The Crystal Pool’ and presented a fun slide show to the children giving them ideas about how to write creative stories and where to look for inspiration.
   The presentation was a huge success and was well received by both the children and their teachers.
Jack begins his story
The series of books is based on the adventures of Tizzie and Louis, Jack’s own niece and nephew, when they go on a holiday to Cornwall and end up, by way of a magic Crystal Pool, in a parallel world that is Kernowland. The books are full of colourful characters and written in a way that encourages children to keep reading with short chapters and lots of ‘cliffhangers’.
Flushing out a wild boar
   Jack was born and brought up in Cornwall so is well versed in Cornish/Kernow folklore and tradition.
Telling the tale of 'The Crystal Pool'
So far 3 of a total of 9 books have been released. The next instalment ‘Pigleg’s Revenge’ is due to be published later this year.
Talking about 'Darkness Day'
At the end of the presentation Jack was kept very busy answering the children’s questions and signing lots of copies of his books for those that had pre ordered them.
Question Time
In total 138 books were ordered and Jack signed them all with dedications.
1 down, 137 to go! ! ! Jack starts signing his books
Anyone who missed out but who is interested in finding out more about the series can do so by visiting www.kernowland.com.

Source: Theydon Bois Primary School


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