4 Jun 2013

What happened on visit to Harefield Junior School

A Storyboard of what happens during a school visit
On 6th March this year I visited Harefield Junior School, near Uxbridge, Middlesex. It was great fun presenting the 'Edutainment' slideshow and talking to the children about my books and answering questions about reading and writing before signing all the books at the very end.

The school has put up some pictures on their website, and they have kindly reviewed the visit to help other schools decide if they would like to organise a similar event. These pictures tell the story of an author visit from start to finish. They start with the set up of the hall, where the school has prepared everything in advance, like the posters, pre-visit activities, and tables ready for the 'Edutainment' Show and Book Signing Session. Then there are pictures of the Show in progress, including the Chapter Reading and the Question and Answer Session. After that, there are some pictures of the Book Signing Session, which is just like an event in a shop, except it comes right to your school! And finally, I get a chance to sign the books for the school library and say thank you to the teachers and other members of staff who have organised the visit. Thank you very much to everyone at Harefield School for the big welcome you gave me and for sharing all these pictures of the event in the right order... just like a storyboard for a news or 'reporting' type of story!

The Harefield Junior School website reported the event with the gallery of pictures as follows:

Children's Author
Jack Trelawny
We were very excited to have the children's author Jack Trelawny visit our school on Wednesday 6th March. Jack had his first book published in 2005 and has published a series of very popular books as part of the Kernowland series. He gave a terrific presentation to the children in a special assembly, reading extracts from his books and explaining how he comes up with the ideas for his characters, locations etc. We also had a fantastic question and answer session. The children enjoyed the assembly which will hopefully help to inspire them to use their imagination and creativity in their own reading and writing. The afternoon ended with a very successful book signing event. For more information about Jack Trelawny plus some quizzes based on his books, please visit: www.jacktrelawny.com

You might like to have a go at the quizzes based on the Kernowland stories: Kernowland in Erthwurld Quiz page.

If you would like to use the Kernowland ebooks for doing the quizzes, they can be downloaded onto your your computer or other reading device. The ebooks are currently available via Amazon and other retailers for less than £2 each. See the banner below for details...

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I hope you enjoy trying to answer the quiz questions.



See you next time in the Story House.

Happy writing... and reading!

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